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Family History Timeline - 1900 to 1909

This is to give a perspective of what our families lives were like, what was happening to them and in the world.  This blog covers from the years 1900 to 1909

Family History by Timeline

From the years 1900 to 1909

Our government:  McKinley is President and assassinated in 1901; Theodore Roosevelt is President from 1901-1908; William Taft is President starting in 1909; Oklahoma become a state (1907); FBI established.

Around the world: Queen Victoria dies in 1901; The Boxer Rebellion is occurring in China; King Umberto I of Italy is assassinated; Mount Pelee erupts; Japan’s Prince Ito is assassinated; earthquake in Italy kills 150,000; Finland is the first European country to give woman the right to vote; “Bloody Sunday” the Russian revolt of 1905.

Notable events:  Kodak introduces the $1 Brownie Camera; Mark Plank formulates the Quantum Theory; Sigmund Freud publishes “Interpretation of Dreams”; the Teddy Bear is introduced; Wright brothers make their first flight; First World Series (1903); first Rose Bowl (1902); first silent movie (“The Great Train Robbery”); New York City subway opens; Einstein proposes his “Theory of Relativity”; Ford introduces the Model T; Robert Peary becomes the first to reach the North Pole; plastic is invented; the NAACP is founded; Picasso introduces Cubism; the first electric washing machine; San Francisco earthquake; Kellogg starts selling Cornflakes; Panama Canal Zone acquired by US; World Fair in St. Louis; Susan B. Anthony dies; Marconi sends the first wireless transmission; first safety razors; first vacuum cleaners; first crayola crayons; the General Slocum burns in New York’s East River killing 1000 Sunday travelers; the Boy Scouts are started; New Year Eve Ball in New York drops for the first time (1908).

Family Overview:  During this time our family is quite spread out.  We lived in six state; New York (city and Caroline), Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Indiana, New Hampshire and Oklahoma.  The mothers/wives did not have their own occupations during this time but without modern conveniences spend most of their time keeping home and family.  Fathers/husbands had variety of jobs from farming, book keeping, running companies and a police officer.  Many are involved in community activities as well as working.

The Piersons

Samuel (25-34), Yetta (24-33), Millard (2-11), Albert (1-10) and Jeannett (b. 1905) are living in Brooklyn Ward, King, New York (1653 T??? Place).  Samuel is a Policeman with the NY City Police Department.  He is also the Treasurer for the Shomrim Society.  **need to find out when he went from cigar making to policeman…also what type of home did they live in? Also, don’t know where Jacob Segal is in 1900 (assume in Kings, New York).

The Silsbees

Benjamin (22-31); Lora (21-30); Lyman (b. 1900); Helen (b. 1902) and Lillian (b. 1904) live in Caroline, New York.  In 1900, Benjamin and Lora live with Lora’s Uncle Lyman Delbert Patch and wife Sallie (Rounseville).  He and Uncle Del farm. 

David (58-67) and Sarah (58-67) are living together in Caroline, New York.  The 1900 census does not show any occupation for David but he was a farmer.  In 1906, per the newspaper accounts, they move into one of their daughter Kate family’s houses.  The newspaper has many accounts of them visiting relatives and them being visited.  David also helps out friends when they are ill (per newspaper).

The Cauchons

Philias (42-51) and Zelia (39-40) and their children Herve P (11-20), Laura (11-20), Henry (6-15), Bernard (3-12), Joseph (b. 1900) and Gabrielle (b.1901) are living in Cranston, Providence Rhode Island at 282 Fountain Street.  Philias was working as a book keeper per 1900 census.  They have recently moved from Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts where all the children born before 1900 were born??  Per Moody's Manual of Railroads and Corporation Securities, Volume 2, Philias works as Vice President of the Cote Piano Manufacturing and was a Director (1912).  Could this have been the connection with Zelia?  The Manufacturing Company was in Fall River, Massachusetts.  This is only 20 miles from Cranston Rhode Island. Did they live in Rhode Island but have births in Massachusetts?

The Page

In 1900 Lillian (12-21) is living with her mother Adeline (33-42), brother Victor (15-24) and step-father Joseph Michaud (33-42) and three half siblings;  Stanley (4-13); Arthur (2-11); and Annie (1-9) in Hillsborough, New Hampshire.  Joseph is working as a piano dealer and they are living at 356 Orange.  Another half brother Joseph is born in 1901. By 1908 they move to Providence, Rhode Island, first living at 393 Prarie and then 52 Wood St, Providence Rhode Island, a newly constructed home which is still there in 2014.  Adeline is the only one in the Rhode Island phone book so Joseph may have died before 1908 but no records are available. 

In 1900, Adeline’s mother Mathilda Gaudrau Fredett (71-80) is living with Adeline’s sister Matilda Fredett Lacroix family (husband and eight children) in New Bedford, Massachusetts, 26 Nye Street.  By 1901, she moves to 301 Sawyer, New Bedford. 

The Hulley’s

Ernest (24-33); Estelle (24-33) and their first son, Oliver Neal, are living in Allegan Michigan with Estelle’s adopted parents Andrew and Williamina Oliver (they had no other children).  Estelle’s mother, Anna Hoyt Smith, had died in 1884).  Her father Ansel G. Smith had suffered from battle fatigue during the Civil War and is in a veteran’s hospital in California until his death in 1900 during a visit back to Michigan.  Andrew Oliver co-owns the Oliver Furniture Manufacturing Company in Allegan.  Ernest is a clerk at a paper mill.  Sadly, Oliver Neal passes away in June, 1900 when he is just 7 months old.  His brother is given his name with a different middle name; Oliver Sommerville born two years later in 1902.  A sister, Katharine Lorraine, is born in 1909.  In 1902, the family lives in Benton Harbor where Ernest works as a cashier.  In 1910 they are back in Allegan where Ernest works as a book keeper. 

Elkanah (51-60) and Amanda Jean”Jennie” (47-56) (Ernest’s parents) are living in Marion, Grant Co, Indiana with their son Edwin (22-31)) and Amanda’s nieces Kate and Amie Neal, children of her brother Dr. James Clinton (1843-1895) and Emma (1848-1896) Neal.   Elkanah is a superintendent at the City Water Works and City Electric Light Plant as well as the President of Marion Floral Company.  Edwin is an apprentice dentist.  They live at 710 S. Adam which is around the corner from their son, Lewis (26-35) who is a cashier at the Marion Bank.

William (Elkanah’s father) dies Sept. 16, 1901 at the age of 85.  He was widowed and living with his son Charles Squire in Center, Grant Co, Indiana. He is buried with his wife in Ebenezer Cemetery, Marion, Indiana.

The Neals

Thomas Jackson (Jennie’s father) dies Jan. 20, 1900 at the age of 81.  Elizabeth (Jennie’s mother) dies Dec. 5, 1908 at the age of 82.  They were living in Marion, Indiana and are buried in Estates of Serenity Cemetery, Marion Indiana.  Thomas Jackson was a merchant.

The Emdees

Edward (26-35) is living with his mother, Pauline (64-73) and sister, Ida (23-32) in Tippecanoe, Indiana in 1900.  He moves to Oklahoma Territory to join his brother Benjamin Franklin in Kingfisher.  He meets and marries Flora in February 1903.  They move to Oklahoma City where he works as a traveling salesman.  Velma is born 1904 and Wilda is born in 1906. 

The Smiths

John (54-63) and Armelda (b. Feb 1841), Flora (22-31), Henderson (18-27) and Louisa (16-25) are living in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.  John works as a farmer in Oklahoma.  More information on Smith family Sooners can be found in previous years.  Armelda dies July 18, 1901 and is buried the Omega Cemetery, Omega, Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 




Written Feb. 2014 by Katharine Hulley

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